Top SEO Strategies For Pest Control Services In London

London Pest Control

London pest control companies face a lot of competition, which is why they should implement search engine optimisation strategies. Although there are many SEO strategies, there are a few that pest control services must use. Here are the top SEO strategies for pest control services in London:

Local SEO

Pest Control in LondonLocal SEO is all about creating content with the intent of being found by potential customers looking for London-based pest control companies or companies that serve the London area. The best local SEO strategy for a pest control company is to add their business to Google My Business. Think of Google My Business as being the equivalent to the Yellow Pages.

When a pest control service in London submits its info to Google My Business, then their services may appear in the local search results. Pest control companies will want to add their address, location and phone number to their Google My Business page. This will increase their chances of being shown on Google Maps when people search for pest control services in London.

Pest Control Content Creation

Content creation is another powerful SEO strategy that pest control services in London should be implementing. This strategy is all about creating relevant content and publishing it. The purpose of content creation is for content to rank high in the search engine’s results’ pages.

A pest control company will want to publish content to its blog on a regular basis. Articles should be relevant to the pest control industry. A good example of a strategy is for a pest control company to create articles about the benefits of pest control services, types of services pest control companies offer and anything else that is relevant.

It’s important for a pest control service in London to do keyword research, and choose keywords that they can use within their articles. For example, a pest control company will want to target keywords related to what they are writing about, including the term “London”. As time goes by, their articles may rank high in the SERPs when certain keywords are searched.

Link Building

Backlinks can help a pest control service’s website rank higher in the results. All a backlink is, is a link from an external website to a pest control service’s website. High quality backlinks can result in a lot of website traffic, which means more leads.

There are several ways pest control companies in London can generate backlinks. They can guest post on another blog or website. For example, someone from the pest control company can create an article for a blog that operates within the pest control industry or a blog that is relevant. Within the article a link leading back to the pest control company will be placed, and this means a backlink will have been created.

Pest control companies can also get backlinks from people they do business with. This can include partners and suppliers. The key is to get backlinks from trusted websites and blogs.

Optimise Images

Images should be optimised. If a pest control company in London uploads photos to their website, then they should title those photos using relevant keywords. For example, if they upload a photo of a technician performing a specific service, then they should title the article “Technician perform rat control services”. This is just one example of how to optimise photos.

Many people use Google images to find things. If they use Google images to find pest control-related content, then a pest control service’s images may appear in the Google Images Search Results. Do not underestimate the potential of being found in Google Images.

Pest Control Video SEO

Aerial View of The River Thames in LondonVideo SEO involves creating videos for video sharing websites, such as YouTube. A pest control service in London can create a few videos on a monthly basis, but these videos should be relevant to the industry or the business itself. They’ll want to keep videos under 10 minutes, optimise the titles of videos and use specific keywords within their videos’ descriptions.

Also, a link leading back to the pest control service’s website should be added to each video. The link can be placed directly in the video or within the description. This is a form of link building.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, social media marketing is a form of SEO. Publishing regularly to social media sites and linking back to the main website from social media profiles can do wanders for a business’s SEO. Pest control services will want to have a presence on Facebook, as many people find services via the site.

SEO strategies can take time to work. However, when pest control services in London implement strategies that are effective, eventually they’ll increase their customer-base. It doesn’t matter how small or large a pest control company is, nor does it matter how long they’ve been in business for, they should implement the above SEO strategies.